In 2018, Kaberneeme Marina LLC applied for a grant from the European Regional Development Fund via Enterprise Estonia in order to carry out the 2nd stage of reconstruction works of Kaberneeme Marina. It was scheduled to complete the ambitious investment activities that were started in 2015. As a result, the old fishing harbour will be transformed into one of the most noteworthy attractions of the area, thereby making a significant contribution to the development of marine tourism in the Estonian coastal region and that of the network of marinas.

Excerpt from the decision of Enterprise Estonia:

… to approve the application of Kaberneeme Marina OÜ (hereinafter the beneficiary) for the project, the aim of which is to turn Kaberneeme Marina into a noteworthy attraction for tourists arriving by sea and to those arriving from the mainland, by improving the security of the marina, expanding the selection of services offered and ensuring the sustainable management of the marina. The total cost of the project is 289,637.45 euros (two hundred eighty-nine thousand six hundred thirty-seven euros and forty-forty five cents), of which the minimum self-financing is 89,787.62 euros (eighty-nine thousand seven hundred eighty-seven euros and sixty-two cents) and the maximum grant is 199,849.83 euros (one hundred ninety-nine thousand eight hundred forty-nine euros and eighty-three cents);…


During the project, the following investments will be made into the infrastructure of the marina:

a. An additional section of the basin will be deepened to 2.5 metres prior to the installation of a new breakwater pier;
b. A new massive 60-metre concrete floating breakwater pier, with accompanying equipment and lighting, will be installed at the marina in order to protect the basin from east and south-east winds and waves and to create 10 new visitors’ spots (incl. 2 for large vessels that exceed 20 metres in length) and 4 new permanent spots;
c. The surface leading up to the new breakwater pier will be paved, which will enable the provision of crane lifting service for launching and recovering vessels. This will create a new harbour service;
d. A camper van park with 10 parking spots and power supply pillars will be created, thereby adding a new tourism service at the marina for a new target group – camper van travellers;
e. A new attractive sauna house with terraces will be built, which will allow the provision a new service to the crews of visiting vessels and other visitors of the marina, incl. during off-season periods – for social events and seminars.


The following equipment and fittings will be purchased and installed in order to provide new services:

f. A children’s playground – a new free hospitality service aimed at families visiting the marina, arriving from the sea or mainland (the harbour previously lacked services for this target group);
g. outdoor exercise machines – a new hospitality service for all visitors;
h. a washer-dryer – a new amenity service for the crews of visiting vessels;
i. a professional pressure washer – a new amenity service at the marina, aimed primarily for users of the ramp and permanent spots.